Crown Plaza Hotel

Crown Plaza Hotel

A panfandom game set in a haunted hotel.

February 2021


Game Opened On AUGUST 11, 2020


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Aug. 4th, 2030

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welcome to your new home...
you arrive in the lobby of a grand hotel - the crown plaza. how you got here is a mystery; perhaps you fell asleep and awoke to find yourself dozing in a comfy chair in the lobby, or perhaps you walked through a door only to find yourself in the lobby. it's really up to you. on your arrival, a phone on the check-in desk rings...and rings... and rings, until eventually, you pick it up. a polite, but distant, voice welcomes you and asks that you check-in using the laptop beside the phone. once the form is completed you are assigned a room, and at the same moment clocks throughout the hotel begin to chime, signifying your arrival.

welcome to the crown plaza hotel.


this is a panfandom game set in a haunted hotel, the crown plaza. it was constructed on a small island off the coast of scotland and seems to have been refurbished quite recently, however, it is now deserted. like many ancient buildings, it has been built in many phases, and parts of the hotel are hundreds of years old. whether it's the building itself that is unlucky or the island on which it resides, there have been many, many deaths on the site, and, it would seem, their souls don't want to move on. the crown plaza has been destabilized from the universe as you know it by the restless souls that inhabit it. where, or when, the hotel will travel next is a mystery. the only way to find out for yourself is to book a room and find out for yourself. if you dare.